It takes just a few steps to create your own online shop

Create your account for Heroic Shop
Step 1:

Create your account

Create an account for free at and immediately start to create your shop.

Login / register in the back-end of Heroic Shop
Step 2:

Login / register in the back-end

Register with Heroic Shop at You will receive a welcome email with your password. After you have logged in, you may change the password to a password of your choice under the menu item "Profile".

Now create your own shop with Heroic Shop
Step 3:

Create a shop

Now create your own shop. With one user access you can manage several shops.

In 6 short steps you define all important settings for your shop. Afterwards, you only have to add your products. Done! It couldn't be faster or easier…

Easy and simple - Add products to your Heroic Shop
Step 4:

Add a product

Now you can add your products. Select your shop in the menu "MyShops" and click on the button "Add product" in the upper right corner. Now just follow the instructions.

Step 5:

Copy the widget and add it to your site.

Copy the generated widget (code snippet) to your site and the buy button will appear on your site. In order to add a shopping cart to your site, copy the shopping cart widget (code snippet) to the desired position on your site.

Buy button and shopping cart will be added to your site
Step 5:

Buy button and shopping cart will be added to your site

Buy button and shopping cart will be shown on your site now and your customers can browse through your products and start shopping.

Heroic Shop convinces with numerous advantages

  • Uncomplicated product configuration
  • Get started quickly and easily
  • Your website will become a shop
  • No double management of shop and website
  • No expensive shop programming
  • Several shops in one account
  • Facebook Login
  • Minimum expenditure of time
  • Minimum setup effort